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Ah I was at home today and decided to draw something digital. I think I’m gonna turn this character into my very first OC > v <
Drawing some chibi art for the lols
The girl trainer from new Pokemon game :D
WIP shots from my instagram~ (> v <)
Ermerhgerds watercolours
Just finished the plant section  imcry
I drew something similar at SMASH and decided to turn it into a watercolour artwork
SnK: Climb by ~usagilyn
Sorry for the SnK fanart spam eheh~
SnK: Anything by ~usagilyn
Yay copic work c:
WIP of an art trade~~
SnK: Eren Jaeger by ~usagilyn
I’m sticking with the flat brush style c:
Kyahh episode 16 is coming later tonight~!
I can’t watch it cause my internet is so slow and nearly out what do I do help
So many wips so little finished art
I tried playing osu (instead of drawing) for the first time and failed everything lol
Flower crowns make titans prettier and less scary? I should watch ep 14 and procrastinate
SnK fanart :3
Trialing the flat brush on SAI~ It’s pretty awesome
Drawing the bg is such a pain -cry-