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Will hopefully be done by deadline; but there’s so much left to do//
I am alive and productive i swear—
HBD Curryuku!Hella late present of curryuku's kawaii as OC
Wip// late present for curryuku I’m never on time //sweats
I’m so sorry this took way longer than it was supposed to ( ;`ヘ´) I finished colouring her ages ago but didn’t know what to do for the bg @anokoking hope you like her anyways! 
My shop is open! There’s only prints atm, but it’ll be great if you could check it out c:
I’m super excited to announce that I will be opening my online shop soon!
Probably sometime tomorrow! I have A4 and A5 prints on sale, with the most expensive item being $5.00. 
Please do check it out when it opens! c:
Shauna is such an adorable character Pokemon okei
Shauna wip!~
Haven’t uploaded in so long, so here’s a nurse joy for y’all!
Happy Birthday haeyosup! Made cards n stuff! Hope you have fun eating lots of pho tomorrow ( ・ω・)
[ Lightning Returns! ] by usagilyn
Next time I enter a comp, I’ll try not to make it last minute AHHA
Scanned and edited ver. on dA! I only knew about this comp yesterday and submitted 3 mins before deadline.. Had to get rid of details bc I ran out of time! (>へ<)
More Pixiv Fantasia sketches(*´▽`*)
Pixiv Fantasia designing and drafting (>へ<) It’s 12:30am, so goodnight!